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AutenticA advantages
AutenticA- Genetic Traceability in Cattle

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AutenticA, Genetic traceability- The most advanced tool for animal traceability available today


Traceability is the ability to trace product back to its origin.

Food traceability provides confidence to customers as to the quality and safety of the food they purchase. Thus, food traceability provides added value to the retailer.

Genetic traceability is based on unique identification of the animal's DNA. Cattle growers who use traceability also benefit from better herd management and can brand premium products. 


Click here for all of the advantages of AutenticA™ genetic traceability              


How does it work?

Every newborn is tagged  soon after birth with a special genetic ear-tag. This tag samples a tiny piece of tissue while leaving the visual tag, which identifies the individual by a number and an optical barcode. Both sample collector and ear-tag have the identical barcodes, for optical reading.

 ear tag


The tissue sample (or other optional DNA sources such as  blood, swab or hair follicles) is sent to a laboratory for DNA analysis , which identifies the DNA barcode of the animal using 25 SNPs for a complete assurance.

This process is the key feature of AutenticA™, it makes DNA analysis fast, simple and low cost.

   genemapper output        

The unique genetic barcode is saved in designated AutenticA™ software, which is a specially designed databank and data mining tool. The AutenticA™ software can trace any new sample entering the databank to its origin with complete assurence (if it is already inserted), thus determining  it's identity with certainty.


Who is AutenticA?            

AutenticA™ is Bactochem's project for Genetic traceability.

Bactochem laboratories have been the market leader in the past 32 years, providing lab services in the fields of microbiology, chemistry, phytopathology and molecular biology in food, water, environment, agriculture, medicine and veterinarian diagnosis. 

The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) of Israel is the leader in agricultural research and is responsible for most of Israel’s agricultural research. 

AutenticA™ was created out of the joint work of the two bodies, combining years of lab work expertise with the knowledge of Israel’s finest research centers and the best customer service possible.


 cow with tag


AutenticATM, Genetic system for cattle authentication. By Bactochem analytical laboratoris Ltd

18 Hacharash St. Ness-Ziona 74031 Israel Tel: 972-8-9308308 Ext. 277, Fax: 972-8-9401439 


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