Committed to the Highest Standards


We understand that reliable analytic methods, combined with the right specifications, sensitivity, an ability to repeat tests and professionalism, are all essential to our activity. The results we provide are subject to the highest standard testing methods: IS, USP, Standard Methods, EPA DAB, NIOSH, EP and B. Herbal Pharm.


Below are the accreditation and certification documents given by the above authorities:


Israel Laboratory Accreditation authority
ISO 17025
Health Ministry of Israel
  • Microbial Tests for Food and Water
  • Chemistry Tests for Food and Water
  • Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice
Ministry of Agriculture
Residues Analysis of Organic Agricultural products
Decay curves of pesticides
in Agricultural products
Pesticide residues analysis
of Fresh Agricultural Produce
Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Waste Water and Soil Testing
  • Formulated pesticides